Punjabi Typing Test

Punjabi Typing test is a skill test of a candidate to check there typing speed and accuracy as well, in Punjabi typing test commonly we use Asses font. In this Online Punjabi Typing test we are using font that are use in government examination and formula we use here also used in calculation of typing speed. We are here provide typing speed in word per minute, accuracy, backspace you typed during typing and errors you made during typing will be highlighted in red color. Punjabi Typing Test is complete DNA of your typing skills. Along with checking your Punjabi typing speed also get Free Punjabi Typing Test Certificate.

  1. Punjabi Typing Test will start after clicking on start button.
  2. Select time you want to take test.
  3. Type exactly what is in question text.
  4. If you get more than 30 WPM and 80% accuracy than you will consider pass in typing test.
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