Punjabi Keyboard

1. Punjabi Asses Font Keyboard

Asses font keyboard layout for Punjabi language is given below, Asses fonts is well known font in Punjabi language for typing, Here is the key map for Asses font. Asses font is used in Punjabi language typing test for clerk exam.

Punjabi Asses Font Keyboard


2. Punjabi Jhelam Keyboard

See the image below for Punjabi typing Jhelam key layout.

Punjabi Jhelam Keyboard

3. Punjabi Inscript Keyboard

Inscript keyboards are standardised by Indian government for typing in Indian languages.

Punjabi Inscript Keyboard

4. Punjabi Phonetic Keyboard

Phonetic keyboards are work on concepts of how the language is speak should be written.

Punjabi Phonetic Keyboard

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