Punjabi Keyboard

Keyboards are the primary input devices for any computer system. To be able to type in any language we need a keyboard. By default our computer system comes with a QWERTY Keyboard layout.

To type in Punjabi language we can enable various Punjabi Keyboard. Here we are giving layout of most popular Punjabi Typing Keyboard.

1. Punjabi Raavi Font Keyboard Layout

Raavi Keyboard is the most popular for Punjabi typing. All typing exam in Punjabi language uses Unicode based Raavi font and Keyboard. This Raavi keyboard is already comes with your windows OS, you have to Activate/Enable to use it, if you dont know see here : Setup Raavi Font Gurumukhi Punjabi KeyboardYou can practice Punjabi Typing Test in Raavi font and download Raavi keyboard from below given link:


Raavi Font Keyboard Layout Punjabi

Download Raavi Font Keyboard Layout

2. Punjabi Asses Font Keyboard

Asses font keyboard layout for Punjabi language is given below, Asses fonts is well known font in Punjabi language for typing, Here is the key map for Asses font. Asses font is used in Punjabi language typing test for clerk exam.

Punjabi Asses Font Keyboard

3. Punjabi Jhelam Keyboard

See the image below for Punjabi typing Jhelam key layout.

Punjabi Jhelam Keyboard

4. Punjabi Inscript Keyboard

Inscript keyboards are standardized by Indian government for typing in Indian languages. Here you can see Inscript Keyboard layout for Punjabi (Gurumukhi) Typing.

Punjabi Inscript Keyboard

5. Punjabi Phonetic Keyboard

Phonetic keyboards are work on concepts of how the language is speak should be written.

Punjabi Phonetic Keyboard

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