Setup Raavi Font and Gurumukhi Keyboard in Windows 10

Raavi Unicode Punjabi font is the most popular font for Punjabi Typing. This keyboard is pat of your windows OS, you have to configure your system to type in Gurumukhi Keyboard. Learning typing in Raavi font is useful as its required for Punjabi Typing Test for Punjab govt. jobs.

Follow the steps with screenshots to activate/enable Raavi font based Gurumukhi (Punjabi) Keyboard on Windows 10 Operating System.

Step 1: Go to Start Menu in Windows 10 and Click on "settings".

Step 2: In Settings window click on "Time & Language" Option as shown in below image.

activate Punjabi keyboard windows 10



Step 3: Then click on "Region & Language" as shown in below image:

Raavi font typing Punjabi setup

Step 4: Click on "Add a language" Option as shown in image:

Add Punjabi keyboard in windows 10

Step 5: Now on "Choose a language to install" search for Punjabi and select "Punjabi (Gurumukhi)" option and click on "Next" button as showing in below image:

Add Punjabi language pack windows 10

Step 6: Now click on "Install" button as shown in below image: 



install punjabi language keyboard in windows 10

Step 7: Now you can see Punjabi Language is shown in Preferred language list. Now Click on "ENG" on taskbar to see the Installation of  Punjabi (Gurumukhi) Keyboard.

enable gurumukhi raavi keyboard windows 10

Great Job !! you have successfully installed Punjabi language pack and Punjabi (Gurumukhi) Keyboard on your windows 10 system. Now whenever you have to type in Punjabi language click on ENG button and select Punjabi language. You can switch among many languages from language bar.