Punjabi Typing Test

Check your Punjabi Typing Speed and accuracy. Punjabi Typing Speed Test in Asees Font. There are two different test styles for your more practises. You have both option time limited and word passage limited test. Set your milestone and practise more and more to achieve that, once you gate a milestone make another tougher milestone and practise to achieve it. The Punjabi typing Shown in Word Per Minute (WPM) and Accuracy in percentage.

Punjabi Speed test is designed with Asees font, which is used for Punjabi Typing exams. You can also check our Free Online Punjabi typing tutor if you are not proficient in Punjabi typing. We suggest to first learning proper typing than start speed test. And Keep in mind that you have to focus on accuracy. If you type fast but type wrong then there is no meaning of your typing. In start you will feel that your speed is not improving but it will take time. Always learn typing without seeing the keyboard. 

Practice is only formula that can improve your speed. Keep Focus and practice more and more. Practice daily for 1 hour is enough. But practicing daily is important. 

punjabi typing tutor